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Our multidisciplinary team acts with agility and is committed to the highest health & safety and quality standards. We carry out our work with enthusiasm and with the greatest respect.

Choosing JYNT is opting for agility, performance, and human values.

We are agile.

JYNT is a flexible team player whose leaders are always available.

JYNT capitalizes on its incredible ability to adapt to the specifications of a particular project regardless of size. By doing business with JYNT, you can count on a team that understands the challenges its clients may experience, and that can quickly get to work to deliver a project on short notice.

We are efficient.

JYNT conducts its business with rigor and integrity.

JYNT recognizes the advantages that come with working on important projects, which help motivate our team and drive our workers to continuously improve performance.

The satisfaction of a job well done helps guide us and pushes us that much closer to excellence. In fact, that’s what makes us commit to the highest level of health & safety and quality standards, and is the foundation for everything we do, from planning to the strict control of processes, schedules and costs.

We are built on a human scale.

We show this in the way we develop family-like relationships with our clients, employees and partners.

Choosing JYNT is choosing each individual making up the company. It’s relying on individuals who share a set of professional values such as fairness, integrity and transparency, people who are truly committed to the same goal.

At JYNT, work is carried out with enthusiasm and a good dose of fun, with the greatest respect for all those involved.

We are a caring employer.

JYNT upholds the tradition of treating its employees like family. Working at JYNT means fulfilling your own potential by producing successful works and growing within a family that truly cares about the quality of life and the safety of its workers.

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