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DCM successfully executed numerous pulp & paper projects

Large paper mills have used our services for a very long time to ensure the condition of their parts and production equipment. JYNT regularly intervenes in companies working in this sector.

For over 15 years, DCM has conducted global shutdowns at the Pontiac division of Smurfit-Stone mill in the wood preparation, causticizing and gas handling departments, as well as evaporators, digesters, bleachers, paper machines and effluent treatment. Work includes the replacement of piping and boilers and the inspection of these mechanical elements. In addition, DCM has worked on modernising control and power systems at the Kruger Bromptonville mill as well as on machines 2 and 3 at Kruger Wayagamack. DCM was also responsible for the replacement of tubes in the evaporators for 3 consecutive shutdowns at the Fortress mill in Thurso. Our experience equally includes several installation projects for headboxes, presses, dryers, rollers, stock washers and much more.

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