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JYNT is a leader in oil & gas construction

In recent years, JYNT has worked on many oil & gas / LNG projects for construction sites in Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Montreal, Saint-John and elsewhere.





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IN 2014

DCM’s oil & gas industrial construction expertise highlights in recent years

In recent years, DCM undertook projects entailing many aspects of the oil sands process: primary and secondary upgrading units, sulfur units, diluents recovery units, and tank farms. As a result, DCM has demonstrated success in construction projects in greenfield and brownfield site conditions and involving tailings hydrotransport, delay coker units, gas recovery units, hydrotreating units, butane treating units, heat tracing, etc. Every year, we also gain more experience in maintenance and shutdowns projects for high-end oil sands facilities.

Alberta's oil sands facts

  • Third-largest proven crude oil reserve in the world, after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.
  • Roughly 500 kmof the 140,000 km2 oil sands deposit in Northern Alberta is currently undergoing surface mining activity.
  • One in 16 jobs in Alberta is directly related to energy

DCM is also experienced in gas transportation, distribution and transformation

DCM executed numerous gas projects with scopes entailing the construction and modernization of facilities such as natural gas compression and liquefaction stations as well as pipelines. Whether the mandate is to design and pre-fabricate e-houses to increase the capacity and the reliability of gas distribution networks, install specialty stainless steel process piping, boil-off gas (BOG) recovery units, booster pumps, or build new pipeline networks, we have the required expertise.

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