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JYNT is a partner of choice for fully-integrated piping fabrication, repair and testing services, thanks to its extensive experience in major North American projects in various industry sectors such as oil & gas (including oil sands and LNG), mining & metallurgy, petrochemicals, power generation, and more.

Oil & Gas

In recent years, JYNT has worked on many oil & gas / LNG projects for construction sites in Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Montreal, Saint-John and elsewhere.

Mining & Metallurgy

JYNT is involved in several large Quebec factories who need quality service for piping and equipment surrounding industrial machinery. Whether to pre-fabricate piping or repair equipment, you can count on the experience of our team!

Petrochemicals & Chemicals

Since its inception, JYNT has extended its services to several large petrochemical facilities. Gas pipelines and the production process in refineries require the best expertise to ensure the best quality products. We are able to provide prefabrication and testing services of the highest quality.

Power Generation

JYNT works with companies that produce various sources of energy such as hydropower and nuclear power. Our team offers its services in the prefabrication for compressor stations, hydroelectric dams, and more.

Pulp & Paper

Large paper mills have used our services for a very long time to ensure the condition of their parts and production equipment. JYNT regularly intervenes in companies working in this sector.

Commercial and Institutional

JYNT is able to provide service piping for commercial and institutional buildings.

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